25+ line slots

When you play 25+ line slots, there are more than 25 winning combinations that you could land. This is because there are at least 25 paylines in these online slots games. Each slot game has its own paytable, so you can check out the payline section of your game’s paytable to see where each payline is.

25+ line slots are very popular because they offer a great slots experience with plenty of opportunities to win. Special features, bonus rounds, extra jackpots and massive payouts are the all included in these fantastic gaming options.

How to play 25+ line slots

Just like in all our casino games, you have a choice to make when you place your bets, and in slots, you get to make a couple of decisions that will ultimately determine your fate and fortune. The number one choice you can make is how many paylines you will activate.

When you play one of our casino games, you’ll see a couple of buttons under the reels. It’s all made very simple for you – set your coin value, choose your line bet and select which paylines you want to activate. You can activate one payline, all paylines or any number of paylines in between. There are two ways you can set your paylines – either click on the plus or minus sign of the relevant button, or click on one of the numbers to the left or right of the reels. The number you click on will activate all of the paylines up to and including that number. So, if you click on 25, paylines 1-25 will be activated.

Selecting Bet Max will activate all paylines and place the maximum bet on each. This will also give you access to all the special features of the game.

The best 25+ line slots games

At Mansion Casino, you will find a huge selection of 25+ line slot gmes. These come in all shapes and sizes, and with many different exciting themes. You’ll find 25-payline games like Bonus Bears, 30-line options such as Benchwarmer Football Girls, and even games like The Incredible Hulk 50 Lines – which features a massive 50 paylines.

Join our online casino to play these exciting games for yourself and see if you can get your hands on fantastic payouts and jackpots!