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Are you looking for some online slots that offer decent payouts, multiple lines to activate and a massive fixed payout jackpot, and all at low stakes? Then check out our 8 Ball Slots games at today! Played for a maximum of two coins and with the outcome decided over a single spin on just one payline, but up to 2000x coins to play for, it’s a great choice for both new and experienced players! If you’re not sure whether 8 Ball slots are right for you, read on to find out more!

Play 8 Ball Slots Online

Basic 8 Ball Slots Info

There’s lots of casino games action to be had when you choose 8 Ball Slots even though there is only a single line to activate. A thrilling combination of online slots machine and bar-room pool, you’ll see lots of balls displaying numbers from 1 to 15 on your reels and these are integral to your game. You win a payout if you match the striped balls or the solid pool ball icons, but you also win if you match combinations. The 8 Ball Slots symbol pays out the jackpot of 2000x coins when you land three on your active reels – which is no lean jackpot when you consider there’s only one line to play at a maximum of two coins. It’s a great low stakes game that is really easy to learn, so you can enjoy its benefits without having to learn any complicated rules.

Get Started with 8 Ball Slots

It’s easy to get set up and spin the reels! Practice Mode games can be played instantly and don’t require an online casino account or deposit, but to play real money slots you need to log in and make sure there’s money in your bankroll. If you’re making a first deposit, you might want to claim a Welcome Bonus up to $/€5000 to give yourself more funds to play with. When the money bit is decided, head to the lobby next and click on the game to go to your machine. Then, set your coin amount, decide whether you want to Bet One or Bet Two lines, and Spin! AutoPlay can be used to set your preferences for multiple games in a row or you can play one game at a time, changing your coin amount and number of activated paylines per game if you wish.