Play Classic Slots at Mansion Casino

The first slots machine dates back to the 1800’s and was as mechanical as today’s machines are technological. This original machine was created by Charles Fey and was known as the Liberty Bell. After this came the classic fruit machines, which featured fruit symbols such as lemons and cherries. These classic Vegas-style online slots were also known as one-armed bandits, because you would literally pull on a lever or arm to spin the reels. There was only a single payline and 3 reels, and if you landed 3 of a kind on the payline you would win a payout.

Today’s online Classic Slots are based on these original fruit machines. They now come in all different themes though, so they can’t really be called ‘fruit machines’ any more. The main difference between these and the more modern Video Slots are that the classic versions have the traditional spinning reels, while the video versions are more like interactive video games with special effects and bonus rounds.

Variations Of Classic Slots

There are two types of Classic Slots – Classic Single-Line Slots and Classic Multi-Line Slots. The single line versions have, you guessed it, only one payline; while the multi-line versions have multiple paylines. The multi-line versions have paylines that can run in all paths, including diagonal and zig-zag paths. They may or may not have a special symbol, such as a wild symbol, but there are generally no interactive bonus rounds like there are in the video slots versions.

While many of today’s slots versions are packed with many exciting special features and movie-quality special effects, these versions are all about the pure slots experience. It’s all about placing your bets, spinning the reels, and winning the payouts! Plain and simple! No extra bells and whistles in these online casino games, making them ideal for slots newbies and for seasoned players who want to go back to basics.

Themed Classic Slots

All of the most popular Classic Slots can be found right here at our online casino. You’ll find favourites such as Fountain of Youth and Rock n’ Roller. Most of the slots can be played either in practice mode or in real money mode, but real money mode is where all the moola is at!

Classic Slots have their place in history and also in the 21st Century online gambling world. No matter how hi-tech gaming gets, these traditional reel-based slots will always have a big following because, when it comes down to it, nothing beats the pure simplicity of spinning and winning!

Sign up to Mansion Casino today, grab your welcome bonus, and browse through our huge slots selection. We have all different versions and themes for you to choose from so you’ll slot right in!