Switch Debit Card System at Mansion Casino

Driven by the motive of providing our players with a safe gaming experience, we offer some of the most trusted payment systems on our site. Use of debit cards has gained considerable popularity in the online gambling industry, as an excellent method for making deposits and payouts. One of the most widely used debit cards, Switch is offered by Mansion Casino for making transactions.

Features of Switch

Sister of the Solo debit card system, Switch is a popular payment method of the United Kingdom. The card was launched in the year 1988, as a cash card and cheque guarantee. The card performs the same job as a cheque does. But the transaction is much simpler with Switch cards. The initial launch of the payment system was made by three banks- the Midland Bank, National Westminster Bank and the Royal bank of Scotland. The card dominated the British financial scenario for several years. It teamed up with MasterCard’s popular debit card, Maestro in 2002.

Using Switch debit cards at Mansion Casino

Although owned by the MasterCard group now, the card has not lost its importance. Players use this efficient payment system especially for making payouts on our site. All the major transactions are handled by the former company which issued Switch. The brand name of the parent company is used synonymously with debit cards in Britain.

How to make deposits and withdrawals using Switch cards?

The process is fairly simple. To make payouts, players need to visit the cashier section on Mansion Casino. Select the withdrawal tab and choose the ‘debit card’ option. On inserting the requisite amount, your withdrawal is done immediately. However, your card needs to be registered before making the initial transaction. You can do so before making the first deposit. Select the ‘Register new debit card’ option to complete the registration process.