Play Wild Viking Table Game Online at Mansion Casino

Do you like card games? How about an exciting round of roulette? If both these gambling varieties suit your fancy, then what would you think about a game that combines them both into one phenomenal betting frenzy for your entertainment pleasure? Well that is just what Wild Viking is all about; a little bit of this, spiced with a generous helping of that, and BAM! You’ve got yourself a dynamite online casino game that is blowing through the charts on its way to the top. Ready for some fast action fun like never before? Then buckle up, we’re going into hyper drive!

Play Wild Viking Table Game Online

How to Play Wild Viking

Wild Viking Table Game has a great concept behind the game; it involves the randimity of the roulette wheel, but it uses the familiar card faces to keep you grounded. When you open the game, the screen will make things a little clearer, and yet, a little more confusing at the same time. As you can see, the stage is set with all 52 cards from a deck, as well as two jokers. There are also several other sections, and we’ll explain these in a minute. The various areas on the screen represent bets that you can take out during the round. For example, you can bet that a ten of diamonds will show up in the winning results by placing a chip or multiple chips on the ten of diamonds icon. In addition to individual numbers, you can wager that a specific set will occur. Let’s say you like the spades suit. You can bet that the outcome will be made up of spades. There are other more complex bets such as the usual poker hands. You can bet on a flush, full house, four of a kind, three of a kind or pairs. Like in roulette, there are also the 50-50 bets, being red or black and odds or evens, and there are set bets like Aces, or two to seven. You can also combine bets if you want to cover your odds, but it is tricky, so be careful when combining values or you might trap yourself in a corner that you can’t get out of!

The Progressive Jackpot in Wild Viking

One other thing that we want to call your attention to. When you play Wild Viking, there is a progressive jackpot to keep your eye on. This ever-growing kitty is a tremendous windfall for the lucky player who strikes it, so keep your fingers crossed and keep playing till you win!