Play Fortune Keno Arcade Online at Mansion Casino UK

If mysticism and the occult interest you, then maybe you should seek out your fortune through the other side of gambling. Fortune Keno introduces an eerie setting in which you can play this familiar online casino game in a very different kind of way. Intrigued? Then let’s see what that magic ball has to show for you today!

Play Fortune Keno Arcade Online

Fortune Keno Set Up

Fortune Keno, one of our online arcade games, has a lot of the same characteristics as the original Keno game. There is a grid of 80 squares, and a single number populates each one. Below the grid are two tables. The first table tells you how much you will receive if you manage to get a certain amount of hits. Five hits, for example, will give you a payout of five coins, while seven hits will land you 142 coins. The second chart will keep track of the rounds you have played and how many hits came from each one. This we’ll discuss in a minute.

How to Play Fortune Keno

As far as playing, that should also be familiar to you if this isn’t your first round of Keno. You select a certain amount of numbers, up to ten, by clicking on that digit from the grid. When you have decided on all the numbers you want to activate, just click the play button. There are two options for you to choose from. At Mansion Casino, you can either play a single round or five in a row. If you like to follow each round closely and compare notes or rethink your strategy, then you will probably be most comfortable playing the single rounds. This is also a good option if you haven’t played Fortune Keno or any other version of Keno yet. It will help to ease you into the style of online casino gaming before throwing you into the faster paced game. On the other hand, more experienced gamblers might prefer to play five rounds in a row. Not only does this give you a faster turn around, making for more excitement within the same amount of time, but it will actually give you a larger payout in that same window as well! Try them both, and see what works for you.

Now you can sit back and watch as your mystical fortuneteller sends out sparks of light into the world. Each blast of light comes with a number that will find its place on the grid. If you manage to match up the numbers you chose, you win!