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Frankie's Fantastic 7 is a stupendous horse racing game that will leave you wanting more and more of this exciting action! If you are one for betting on the tracks, then this game from our online arcade games is for you. Come on down to our online casino lobby, and start playing today!

How to Play Frankie’s Fantastic 7

Whoever designed Frankie’s run, certainly had a great imagination! The design is attractive, but more than that, it plays out in an entertaining sort of way. Here’s how it goes:

  • You can’t go anywhere until you place a bet. This is done by clicking on any combination of the seven possible horses that are racing today. The horses are colour coordinated, so you can easily find their places on the wager section. The horses you can play today are Diffident, Decorated Hero Lochangel, Fujiyama Crest, Fatefully, Wall Street and Mark of Esteem. Like a horse for the winner? Then bet on him, and get racing!
  • You can adjust your wager amount by playing around with the numbers on the chip icon. If you have second thoughts, just clear your bets, and try again.
  • Once you’ve decided how much to bet, you can select the number of games you want to play. If you like to work things out on your own, then just go with the standard one game at a time. This is a fun way to play around with your wager amounts and styles. If you like to recalculate or reconfigure the bets from one round to the next, this is the best way to do it. You don’t have to pause between rounds if you don’t want to though. There is always the auto play function that lets you line up round after round in a fast succession of racing fun. Just click on the plus or minus signs to adjust how many games you want to play at a time, and then get started.
  • Once you click race, the horses will be ready to bolt. Each time the cards are dealt, one horse will advance, the one with the highest card value of course. This repeats itself again and again until you have a winner. The first horse to complete the track wins! Now load them up and start again!

Play Frankie’s Fantastic 7 Now

Now that you’ve got the general idea of Frankie's Fantastic 7, get in here and start having some fun with casino games online! Who knows, you might even turn a profit!