Play Genie’s Hi Lo Arcade Online at Mansion Casino UK

We’ve all had the fanciful daydream conversation with ourselves or friends of what we would wish for if ever we happened upon a real live genie. Some people would ask for money; others are looking for fame; still more people have a deeper longing that they would have fulfilled if the chance would ever arise. Well, now you have that once in a lifetime golden opportunity to dance with the spirit that’s been trapped inside a cramped bottle for so long when you play Genie's Hi Lo, one of our amusing online arcade games that uses cards to determine your fortune. Rub away at the lamp, and see what you find inside!

Play Genie’s Hi Lo Arcade Online

How to Play Genie’s Hi Lo

The object of Genie's Hi Lo is to accurately predict the succession of cards that will appear in your genie’s hand. To start with, you can select a wager amount by clicking on the plus and minus signs. After confirming your bet, you can choose a card from the hand that rests on those long, painted fingernails. Don’t want to do the work? Can’t stand the pressure of making a choice? That’s ok; Auto Pick is here for you. Click Auto Pick, and the online casino computer will randomly choose a card for you. Whatever comes up, you will now have two decisions to make. You have to think whether the next card will be higher than the card that is shown right now or lower, hence the name, Genie's Hi Lo. The other choice is to decide whether the next card will be a black card or a red one. Now there is obviously no way for you to know that, but, what you can know is the colour of the card currently shown. The only real strategy that you hold is that the probability of picking the same coloured card is marginally less since there is already one of those out of the playing field now that it has been selected. Otherwise, it’s just an online casino game of chance with a fun wrapping!

Winning at Genie’s Hi Lo

Now confirm your selections, and see if you’ve won. If you did, then you’ll live to play another level. Notice the meter at the left side of the screen? It will record each of your winning selections, and then you’ll be allowed to play again, accumulating your winnings with every correct guess. Each time you play, you’ll be asked if you want to cash out or continue. Genie's Hi Lo is a tricky pick, and it’s addicting once you start!