Play Pop Bingo Arcade Online at Mansion Casino UK

Popcorn is probably one of the most addictive snacks known to mankind. Consider, have you ever been able to eat just one piece of popcorn? It’s IMPOSSIBLE, so don’t even try! Well, our online casino gaming kings have taken the obsessive properties of this delicious snackable and put it into a new and even more enjoyable casino game format. Now you can play Pop Bingo, and have a blast betting away as you go. What’s even better is that you can pop this game all night long, and you won’t be gaining any weight at all! Let’s get popping!

Play Pop Bingo Arcade Online

How to Play Pop Bingo

So the basic idea behind Pop Bingo, one of our fantastic online arcade games, is that it is a lotto-driven game. A the very beginning, you buy a card. If you are superstitious, untrusting or just plain zany, you can change up your card for a new one at any given time (before the game has started that is). The card you get will contain 15 numbers from one to 90. These numbers are randomly arranged, and there is absolutely no method to the madness, so don’t even try to find it. Ready to start popping? Well, then just click Play to get things going. The playful bubbles will start popping up, filling up the grid at the top of the screen. This grid also has numbers 1 through 90 on it, and each time a bubble rises, it will attach itself to one of these numbers, colouring in the squares with either a red circle or a yellow square. What’s the difference? A big one, actually. The yellow squares symbolize numbers that are not connected to your current game. The red circles, on the other hand, are numbers that are actually on your playing card.

Winning Pop Bingo

Your goal, then is to get 15 red circles onto the grid as quickly as possible. The faster you fill up your card, the higher the payout return will be. If you look at the top of the Pop Bingo screen, you’ll see a timeline type of diagram. The top numbers on the line represent how many bubbles you have used. The bottom number tells you how much you win if you can get all your numbers in that many pops. So, looking at the very last entry on the line, you’ll see that 90 pops will deliver no win at all. All the way at the other end, though, is 40 pops. Get that one, and you’ll walk way with a cool $1K in your pocket. Pop in today and play Pop Bingo or some other of the awesome online casino games at Mansion Casino!