Play Rollercoaster Dice Arcade Online at Mansion Casino UK

Ready for a new kind of dice game that will keep you entertained and clicking away well into the night? Then check out our Rollercoaster Dice free run. It’s an exciting new online casino option that gives you a reason to keep playing! Come along for the ride of your life to Mansion Casino UK now.

Play Rollercoaster Dice Arcade Online

Betting on Rollercoaster Dice

Rollercoaster Dice has a great flavour to it, especially if you enjoy amusement parks. It’s got plenty of the familiar attractions, including, but not limited to the grande loop-de-loop itself. The way it works is similar to Around the World, another of our fantastic online arcade games that we feature (and highly recommend you looking into if you haven’t already played it.) You place your bet in the small green space at the bottom of the screen. Adjust according to your current bankroll and budget. The plus sign increases your wager, while the minus sign will do the opposite. Notice that the higher you make your wager, the greater the earnings become on the meter to the right side of the screen.

How to Play Rollercoaster Dice

Once you’ve comfortably adjusted your bet amount, you can press play. The dice will be rolled, and the total will show up on the lowest available spot on the meter. Now is where things start to get interesting. What will the next roll produce? Will the total be higher or lower than this number? You choose, and then you see if you are a good guesser. If you were right, then the new total will be added to the next run on the meter, and you’ll get to choose yet again. This keeps going until you reach the first prize post. When you get there, you’ll be asked if you want to cash out or if you would rather keep playing for a higher prize amount. If you can manage to get all the way to the top, you’ll be able to claim the major Rollercoaster Dice jackpot as the crowning glory!

One other thing to note is the lucky number seven in this game works differently than in most other ones. If you manage to score two sevens in a row, you automatically win. It’s like a freebie bonus that we give you just because we think you’re swell! Like what you’re hearing? Then come over to our online casino now, and start playing thrilling online casino games like Rollercoaster Dice, Around the World and so many other classics right away!