Play Wheel of Light Arcade Online at Mansion Casino UK

If you are attracted to shiny objects and brightly flashing, colourful lights, then boy have we got a winner for you! The Wheel of Light holds the key to your weekend of entertainment, and it might even contain a big fat profit for you as well. Like what’s going on around here? Then dive into our online casino club, and discover what it means to be a online casino game winner at last!

Play Wheel of Light  Arcade Online

How to Play Wheel of Light

Wheel of Light, one of our fantastic online arcade games, is primarily a gambling game based on numbers. Just like in roulette, you can bet on various numbers or number combinations, and the probability or odds of that wager occurring is what will determine how much of a payout you receive when you win. For example, betting on a single number, four let’s say, will pay out a significantly higher percentage than would a wager on all the even numbers on the wheel. That is because you have one chance in 31 to land on four, while you have fifteen chances to land on an even number. The riskier the play, the more profitable it will be! Bet on odds, evens, hi’s, low’s, number groups, individuals, or even colours. Keep changing up your betting pattern to keep things fun and unpredictable!

Wheel of Light Advanced Features

On top of all the betting options, which is not novel to this game, Wheel of Light has a lot of advanced features that keep the game interesting. Just the colours already tell you that this is not going to be your average, low-scale production. The hot, electric red and black tones imply that there is a whole lot more going on beneath the surface, and, believe us, there is!

  • Wondering how much each wager will really deliver upon the win? There is a cool way to find out. Hold your cursor over the wager that you want to make. The payout will appear in a hovering bubble, so you can clearly see the amounts that are going to come your way if you win that wager!
  • You can also clearly see the bets that you’ve placed because the wagers are colour-coordinated chips. These colours boldly stand out against the screen so you’ll have no trouble spotting your bets at a glance.
  • Watch the digital number counter ticking away as the Wheel of Light goes through its motions. At the top left hand corner, you’ll see the numbers rising and falling as the electronic light bounces from one number to the next.

Ready to set the Wheel of Light into motion? Good luck!