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21, Pontoon or as it is sometimes known, California Aces, has been around in one form or another for several hundred years. While the basic concept of the game remains the same throughout the world, there are minor variations found in the game that can be localized to individual online casinos. UK Blackjack is a more standard version of the game with a few interesting twists which we will focus on, below.

UK Blackjack

What’s Special About UK Blackjack

First, a brief review of the basic game is in order. In this fast paced game, you begin each round by placing your bet after which two cards are dealt to every player, both face up. The dealer also gets two cards, but one of these remains facedown until the end of the round. The value of each card is its number shown when referring to the two through 10 cards, the Jack, Queen and King cards each have a value of 10 and the Ace can be either one or 11. Remember, since the idea is not necessarily to get to 21, but rather, to beat the dealer’s hand, you will want to do whatever you can to increase your chances of doing so. For example, if the dealer is showing a face card (a jack, queen or king) then you know that he is already more than half way to getting 21 and you will have to consider your hand to determine your next move. Once all of the players have their cards, they are each presented with a few options:

Stand – this means you do not wish to take any more cards and you are pretty certain that taking another card would ‘Bust’ your hand, or push you over 21 points.

Hit – Taking a hit means you want another card from the deck as you are not close enough to 21 to beat the dealer and taking another card will probably not bust your hand.

Double – You double your original bet and get one more card.

Split – You can split your hand when the original two cards dealt are a matching pair, for example, you are dealt two 7s. When you split your hand, you must increase the original bet to cover your additional hand and then you receive two more cards from the dealer, increasing the number of hands you are playing in this particular round.

It is at this point that the differences between UK Blackjack and other versions of online blackjack games become much more pronounced. In most versions of 21, you can only split once per hand and you may double on any hand in which you are not likely to go bust on the next draw (i.e. if you had 18 showing, you could not double down). In this version, you can split up to four hands per round and take as many cards on each hand as you wish. The exception here is if you are splitting Aces, in which case you can only take one additional card for each Ace and you may not split on 4s, 5s or 10s. There is also a regional difference when it comes to doubling; here, you can only double if the value of the first two cards dealt is 9, 10 or 11 points and then you may only receive one additional card, whereas in other places there is no limit on the number of cards received or when you can double down.

Playing UK Blackjack

Whilst you may not be familiar with UK Blackjack, it is similiar enough to the standard versions of 21 that with a little practice, you should become proficient at this exciting online casino game in no time at all.