Live Roulette, The Classic Game That’s Always On Rotation

Roulette is one of the most well-known and widely played of all the casino games, it’s instantly recognisable with that beautiful spinning wheel and the clackety-clack of the ball as it bounces around the numbered indents. To play is to take a step into another place and time as there’s nothing quite like roulette – it can make the player feel like they are at a busy table in one of the world’s most famous casinos, no matter where, or how they play. Read on to discover more about this classic game and to see how you can experience live roulette online for yourself at Mansion Casino UK.

Play Live Roulette Online

The wheel of Time Keeps Spinning

Roulette (French for ‘little wheel’) was first invented accidentally by Blaise Pascal the famous French mathematician and inventor. By the Late 1700s it was being played in its modern form in the casinos of Paris before being exported to Germany and eventually the most famous casino in Europe, the Monte Carlo Casino, and beyond, to the glamour and glitz of Las Vegas. Pascal would be surprised at Roulette’s unbelievable success as originally he wanted to make a perpetual motion machine, a machine that would never stop turning. In a way he achieved his goal, as even though his perpetual motion machine failed and the roulette wheel does finally come to a stop on occasion, Roulette became a roaring success as a gambling game, and has enjoyed a popularity that hasn’t faded over the Centuries.

How to play Live Roulette?

The rules of roulette are very simple to learn, the players at a table try to predict where a small ball will land after being dropped onto a spinning wheel numbered with different sections from 0 to 36. This uncomplicated gameplay is enhanced by a whole host of different betting options; players can bet that the pill will land on a specific number, a range of numbers on an odd or even number, or on the colour red or black. Each of these options has different odds of winning, so play can become very tactical for experienced gamers, however that’s not to say that roulette is complicated – it’s a simple, elegant game that is as easy for beginners as experts. The roulette wheel will quickly become instantly familiar for new players, and in fact, there are very few variations to worry about, the most important being that American roulette has two green ‘zero’ sections, while French, or European roulette has only one.

Live and Direct

Live Roulette is an internet casino game that uses the very latest technology to make the most incredible experience possible. Instead of using graphics to recreate a casino, it uses modern webcam technology to take you right where the action is. If you play our live roulette or live blackjack games, you will see and play inside a real-life, bricks and mortar casino with an elegant croupier devoted to your game. Cutting-edge technology means you can place your bets right on the table and when the croupier spins the wheel, she’s doing it live, for real! There really is no online gambling experience quite like it and you will feel just like you are playing in a chic casino on the French Riviera. Rest assured that the webcam only has a one way feed, so black tie is not required to play!

Immersive Fun

Live Roulette is offered in our online casino as part of our extensive range of casino games. is dedicated to bringing you exciting and entertaining games to suit all tastes, from fun slots games featuring explosive graphics and sound effects taken from Hollywood blockbusters, to online variations of casino classics including poker, roulette and blackjack. This incredible variety of games means that we have something you’ll love to play no matter what you’re in the mood for. The addition of our live games means that even if you have the taste for a glitzy night out at the casino you can do it without even setting foot outside your front door, experiencing all the sights and sounds from the comfort of your favourite armchair. It doesn’t matter what game you feel like playing, pour yourself your favourite soft drink (shaken, not stirred), settle down, relax and prepare yourself for a truly captivating online casino experience.

Playing Live

Live Roulette can be played at Mansion Casino UK very easily. If you are at all familiar with how the game is played at bricks and mortar casinos, or as a standard game on online casino sites, you will feel right at home. The live version of roulette is a great mix of the two forms. You have all the convenience of playing online on your computer, but you also have the added charm and excitement of a real-life croupier and wheel. There’s nothing to worry about if you are new to the game, as the rules are very simple:

  • Within a time limit players must place a bet by placing a certain value chip on the table. The choice of bet is entirely up to you, and the fun is finding different bets that work for you. There are in-depth descriptions of the bets and of the different odds in-game for your convenience.
  • The croupier spins the wheel and drops in the ball.
  • The player has won if the ball stops on their selected number or number combination when the wheel comes to rest.

That’s it, you can play as many times as you wish and on some games there’s the opportunity to chat with other players or the croupier, just like in a land-based casino. Of course, as the webcam is only one way, your comfort and privacy are totally ensured.

Strategies and Tips for Roulette

Every Roulette table follows more or less a standard pattern, so it’s wise to learn exactly how you can bet and the odds of winning for each bet. Some Roulette games may have more or fewer options, but in general you will see something like this:

  • The main number layout featuring the numbers 0-36. Here you can place bets on individual numbers or groups of 2 and 4 numbers with a single chip.
  • The right outside bet area which has several areas in which you can place bets. Here you can bet on the ball landing in any number from 1-18 or from 19-36. You can bet that the ball will land in a specific third of the wheel, on the colours red or black or finally on odd or even numbers. It’s worth noting here that 0 is not included in any of these bets.
  • The bottom outside bet area in which you can bet on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd columns of numbers.

Each method of betting has its advantages and disadvantages so it’s impossible to suggest just one way of betting. With a little time you will soon see which way of betting is the most fun for you, certainly you’ll find one, or maybe many ways that you really like. Check the live roulette game you are playing to see the odds on offer for each bet.

Give Mansion Casino UK a Whirl

Live Roulette is a fantastic fusion of real-life roulette and simple and fun online gaming action. At, we aim to provide our players with the very best experience possible, which is why we are one of the top providers of live dealer roulette in the UK. To ensure the comfort of all our players we offer these features:

  • We are fully licensed and regulated
  • Completely secure
  • 100% safe
  • We accept a wide selection of the most well-known payment options.
  • All your data is kept safe with our 128-bit encryption technology
  • We feature the latest and greatest games, all powered by cutting edge software.

We take your gaming seriously so that you can concentrate on enjoying yourself without worries. We believe that our live roulette is a wonderful mix of the glitzy land based casino atmosphere and the comfort and ease of online gaming. If you haven’t played this way before, you are in for something really special indeed.

That’s Not All We Offer

As soon as you register at, you can play many of our popular games in practice mode without spending a single penny. However to enjoy our fantastic Live Roulette you will need to play in our real money casino. To play for the chance to win real money and be eligible for our Welcome Bonus and special promotions, all you need to do is create an account and make a deposit. Creating an account and making a deposit has been made as quick and simple as possible in order to ensure that you can get up and playing as swiftly as you can. We are very happy to announce that we can offer up to £200 as a Welcome Bonus for new players as well as offering a wide variety of different and exciting promotions. To see what’s on offer, be sure to check regularly, as our promotions can often change.

Live Roulette is the next step in online gaming technology; it has all the simplicity and ease-of-use as any of our entertaining online games, but it expertly blends it with the possibilities and glamour of a bricks and mortar casino. You will really feel as if you are there at the table and that anything could happen, and our professional, friendly croupiers will make you feel very welcome and totally at ease. So, relax and prepare yourself for one of the most captivating casino experiences currently available.