MasterCard - An Effective Payment Processing Method

Headquartered in New York, MasterCard is a multinational organization and has become synonymous with payment processing today. Established in the year 1966, the company has gained world wide fame. With the goal of offering a comfortable gaming experience to players, Mansion Casino has made MasterCard available to its patrons for making transactions.


While registering with a site, gamers are mostly bothered about site security and the authenticity of the payment method. Players using MasterCard on Mansion Casino can be assured of a secure gaming experience. Powered by a world class system of payment processing, the credit card offers full security to its players. The efficiency and reliability of the payment method is the key to its immense popularity. In spite of various upcoming payment methods, MasterCard has retained its fame among casino players.

MasterCard versions

Three types of credit cards are offered by the company. These include the Standard, Gold and the Platinum. The first one lays the foundation of your credit. The credit limit is lower than what is offered by the other two MasterCard versions, enabling you to manage your finances better. The Gold card enhances your spending power, with a greater credit limit. Additional benefits are offered for these cards. The level of benefits is higher for Platinum card holders. Players have the flexibility to use this card to make any amount of deposits.

Using MasterCard at Mansion Casino

The card can be used on the casino site for making deposits only. It is only a matter of a few clicks to get started with the internet casino using MasterCard. All you need to do is visit Mansion Casino and click on the cashier section. On choosing the credit card link, you will be taken to the registration section where your card has to be registered. After completing registration, you can start accessing the games immediately.