Play A Night Out Scratch Online at Mansion Casino UK

Put your party clothes on because it’s time for A Night Out Scratch. All the action is happening at our online casino, so get yourself on our membership list and start having fun.

Play A Night Out Scratch Online

About A Night Out Scratch

Because this is one of our online scratch card games, you’ll get to win in a really easy way. All you have to do is rub on some squares on a grid to reveal your fortune. There’s none of that tactical thinking and strategy that’s required for cards games like Blackjack and Poker. It’s even easier than the slots, because you don’t even need to know any of the complicated paytable and bonus features that the multiline video slots have these days. It’s pure and simple – place your bet, scratch, see what you’ve won.

Actually it’s even simpler than that, because this is one of those versions where you can choose AutoPlay mode. In this mode, all you need to do is decide how many cards should be on auto-play from 10 to 50. Then sit back and relax and watch your computer do it all for you. If you like to be more hands-on with your casino games, then how about using the regular play mode? This way you’ll get to do it all yourself. You can either rub each block manually yourself, which does get a little tiring if you’re playing a lot of cards, or you can choose Scratch All and the computer will do all the rubbing away for you.

How To Win With A Night Out Scratch

In A Night Out Scratch, your aim is to get 3 of a kind on your card. And these are symbols you’ll be very happy to see, because tonight a blonde, brunette and a red-head are all fighting for your attention. The blonde will show you the best time of all as she’ll reward you with 500x your bet if you get 3 of her symbol. Or maybe love with a red-head is on the cards for you? If so, 3 of her symbol will pay you out 100 times your wager. The brunette is also a fine catch and she’ll win you over by multiplying your bet by 50. The other symbols you’ll see are a mix of different cocktails and even an ice cold beer to keep you company.

So set your card price, start playing A Night Out Scratch and see what the night holds for you. With this bevvy of beautiful babes you’re guaranteed the time of your life!