Play Dolphin Cash Scratch Online at Mansion Casino UK

Dolphin Cash Scratch will hopefully leave you leaping for joy when you reveal those winning symbols. If you’re dreaming of the ocean, then this is the perfect online scratch card game for you. All the symbols are in the underwater theme including sea gulls, coral, sea shells and, of course, the majestic dolphin of the game. Three of her symbol in a row will make you a winner in this game. In fact, you have 5 opportunities to win in each round because you can play up to 5 cards per round. You can either activate one card at a time, or you can click on the ‘Max Cards’ button to play them all.

Play Dolphin Cash Scratch Online

Playing Dolphin Cash Scratch

When you play Dolphin Cash Scratch you’ll first need to set your card price by pressing on the plus and minus signs at the bottom of your screen. Then either choose ‘Play’ or ‘AutoPlay’. You can auto-play up to 50 rounds, which will give you a good break if you feel like stretching your legs or if you want to go for a refreshment break.

If you decide to play the game yourself, you can either rub each card yourself or get your computer to do it for you by choosing the ‘Scratch All’ option. If you go this route, the system will magically rub away as many cards as you’ve activated.

A special feature of Dolphin Cash Scratch is the bonus coin symbol, which will win you a special cash prize if it appears on any of your cards.

If any of your activated cards have 3 of the dolphins in a row, you’ll win a multiplier of your bet. This multiplier will be shown on the right-most side of each card, and the total amount that you’ve won is shown to the left.

More About Dolphin Cash Scratch

The tranquil background music accompanied by the lapping of the waves on the shore will really get you in the mood to play this scratch card game. And just wait to see what happens when you win! The dolphin will dive through the air and make a splash, the winning symbols will flash and music will play an upbeat tune.

Dolphin Cash Scratch is a variation of the popular slots game with the same name. This fun aquatic theme starring the most lovable mammal of the sea is a huge hit at our online casino. Come ride a wave of success in one of the most enjoyable and straightforward casino games online of all time.