Play Gladiator Scratch Online at Mansion Casino UK

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, come play Gladiator Scratch at online casino UK. The greatest battle of all time is about to take place so grab your front-row seat to be involved in all the action.

Play Gladiator Scratch Online

You and Maximus will be taking on the online scratch card games to prove your worthiness and claim your fortune.

Step Into The Arena Of Gladiator Scratch

The card playing area is to the right of your screen and the paytable is to the left. In between the two stands the great Roman warrior himself who presides over the game.

All the symbols in the paytable are characters from this epic tale including Commodus, Cicero, Juba and other characters from the movie. Each one will pay you out a different amount up to 5,000 times your card value! This jackpot value is won when you get 3 of the steel mask symbol across any row or down any column. The symbol with the smallest payout is the Coliseum, which will reward you with even money. Your goal for the game is to get 3 matched symbols across any row or down any column.

The background of the game is of the Coliseum so you’ll get that realistic cinematic feel of being in this ancient battleground. The difference is that in Gladiator Scratch only good things can come out of the experience. You’ll feel as powerful as a warrior while you play and will leave as happy as the Emperor.

Playing Gladiator Scratch

Playing is as simple as can be. All you need to do is set your card value by pressing plus or minus, then either Play or AutoPlay, depending on your preference. If you’re a player who likes to step into the arena and get busy, then you’ll prefer the Play mode. If you’d rather sit in the audience and watch the scene be played out for you, then you’ll probably go for AutoPlay mode. Or maybe you’d like a bit of both? To be involved but to stop now and then for a refreshment break? If so, then you can activate and deactivate the AutoPlay feature at any point.

When it comes to the scratching in regular Play mode, you can either use those muscles and rub away each block, or you can choose ‘Scratch All’ to let the toil be done for you.

Whatever you choose and however you play, you’re guaranteed of an exciting time when you play Gladiator Scratch at our online casino. Let the online casino games begin!