Play Kong Scratch Online at Mansion Casino UK

Hoping for some big wins in our online casino? Then why not play one of our big online scratch card games, and we mean BIG! The Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World Scratch offs are as large as the main character himself. Get ready for an exciting adventure into the deep jungles of Skull Island, and hold onto your hats because you never know what’s going to come out of those shadows!

Play Kong Scratch Online

How to Play Kong Scratch

Our Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World Scratch offs gives you a slice of this thrilling tale of man’s struggle against nature and who really is prime. The backdrop for these cards is a leafy green jungle scene, though; the movie was split between this setting and the streets of New York. Included in the cards are some of the familiar characters from the movie like some animated prehistoric creatures, the fearsome King Kong, and the Captain. Play goes as usual, but there are some elements that you may find novel and fun. Here’s a run through:

  • Buy a card by selecting the value of that card and pressing play. When you raise the value of the cards you are buying, you will notice that the prize values also climb.
  • Each time the round starts, the prize token at the left side of the screen will be uncovered first. This reveals the symbol that you will need to match in order to win the round. The six squares on the playing card are then scratched away, and if you have a winning match, you will be told by a big sign at the top of the screen.
  • Also, something we find particularly amusing, when the winning symbol shows up as a match, the different characters show a mini movie that is appropriate to their character. Naturally, as the star of these Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World Scratch cards and the movie itself, our favourite skit is the King Kong one, but you can choose the one you like best.

Kong Scratch Cards on Auto Mode

What else is there to enjoy about the Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World Scratch offs? Well, we have a neat feature called auto play. This will ensure that your fingers don’t get tuckered out before the night is over. You just tell the computer how much you want to spend on a card and how many online casino games you want to play. Then hit the auto play button, and boom baby, you are in auto mode! Find out more great things about Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World Scratch today!