Play Roulette Scratch Online at Mansion Casino UK

What’s better than being able to play one of your all time favourite online casino games whenever you want and wherever you are? Playing TWO of your favourite online casino games whenever you want and wherever you are! Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But we wouldn’t do that to our loyal fans. In fact, we have a fabulous option that is going to make you jump for joy because it really does combine two of the best gambling sports out there into one fun-filled screen. So how about it; are you ready to play our great Roulette Scratch off cards? Then let’s go!

Play Roulette Scratch Online

All About Roulette Scratch

The Roulette Scratch cards that we feature have a really classy look and feel to them. There is the typical Roulette wheel to the left of the screen. There are chips galore lining the top of the wheel. Then, to the right side of the screen, are the actual “cards” that you’ll be playing with. Granted, this game doesn’t look like most of the other versions you might be familiar with around our casino lobby. That’s okay; the essence is really the same, but with a different wrapper!

How to Play Roulette Scratch

As you can see from the screen, it is possible to play five games of Roulette Scratch at a time. Understand that you do not actually choose the number of cards; all five games are being played at one time. This is not the same thing as using our auto play function, which we’ll discuss in a minute. These online scratch card games are actually being played simultaneously, that is all at one time. Auto play is a great feature that lets you play a much wider range of rounds one right after the next. There are no pauses for inputting information, for changing things around, for anything in fact! Each round plays, one right after another in uncomplicated succession. If you don’t like to wait, this is the best bet for you. You also don’t have to keep clicking on the play and scratch buttons, which is a nice bonus to throw in there.

Standard play follows as usual; buy a card, press play and scratch away at the cards. The wheel will also be uncovered to reveal the winning number. If any of the five game cards show that same number, the prize amount will be added to your balance. Then you can load up and play another round of exciting Roulette Scratch!