Play Chippendales Slots Online at Mansion Casino UK

Women have been clamoring for equality for generations. It took forever to be recognized as voters and it was even longer until there was real equality in the workplace. It’s a bit surprising, though, that it was literally thousands of years after the ancient Babylonians introduced the idea of choreographed stripping before women achieved true equality; that’s right, the first all-male review didn’t open until 1979! Now, we bring you the men of Chippendales online slots from Mansion Casino for you to enjoy and hey, if you can make few bucks off of that enjoyment – why not!

Play Chippendales Slots Online

How to Play Chippendales

This eye-popping online casino game starts off with a quick video of the stage-show and shows off several of the hunks you’ll be seeing later on with a bird’s eye view of their beautifully sculpted bodies. As you would hope, the symbols on this 20 line, five reel piece of eye candy feature the famed dancers in various poses. To begin with, there are the highly recognized cuffs and bowtie that were the main costume for many years. Chippendales just gets hotter from there with pictures of a cowboy, tuxedoed stud, Biker, a rock star and in case things get too hot, a fireman in three stages of dress. To fill in the reels there are the standard 10, J, Q, K and A symbols along with a scatter and a bonus symbol. You can start things off like most online casino games of this type; by choosing the number of lines you want to play as well as the denomination of each coin played. That is definitely where all similarities end. If you can line up three of the same, handsome hunk on any active payline, he will do a little strip show for you and you may even get a free spin! Each time you get the same beefcake, he’ll go a bit further in his dance; all tastefully done, of course! The scatter symbol is a silhouette of the dancers and will give you a little show and then act as a multiplier for the spin; the more you can land, the higher the multiplier. Last, but certainly not least is the bonus reel where a dreamboat will spin the wheel to reveal your instant prize multiplier!

Chippendales At Mansion Casino

It may have taken thousands of years to get these guys on the stage, but after playing Chippendales, we are sure you will agree that it was well worth the wait. There are more six packs in this game than you would find at your local party store and you will keep coming back for more since it is so much fun to play! Not only do you get to enjoy a tasteful bit of well-choreographed, all male dancing, but this is probably the only time that we can think of where a striptease dancer will be putting money into your pockets instead of vice versa! So get comfortable (but, wait, not too comfortable – leave that to the guys, enjoy the show and good luck!)