Play Sultan's Fortune Slots Online at Mansion Casino UK

Mansion Casino is home to a wide range of fabulous classic single line slot machine games, based on a wide range of themes. Some of these slots online even carry large, life-transforming progressive jackpots. A brief list of slot online casino games at our online casino will include 8-Ball Slots, Jungle Boogie, Sultan’s Fortune, and Alchemist’s Lab, to mention a few.

Play Sultan's Fortune Slots Online

About Sultan’s Fortune

Players who appreciate Arabian themes will be delighted with Sultan’s Fortune, a slot reminiscent of the 1001 tales of the Arabian Nights. The slot imagery of gold coins, swords, pearls, gems, hearts, top hats, and others literally reek of wealth, power, and romance.

The maximum bet is 3 coins or £15 and players can win the top jackpot by creating a combination of 3 top hats.

How to Play

Here are some basic instructions for beginners who are trying their luck at Sultan’s Fortune.

  • Place a bet by choosing a coin value and number of coins.
  • Choose the Bet Max button to place the maximum bet.
  • Choose the Spin button to set the reels spinning.
  • If a winning combination is displayed when the reels come to a stop, players will receive payouts as per the game’s pay table.

Players’ chances of winning will increase if they:

  • Read the rules and study the pay table before playing the game.
  • Play for free until they understand the game thoroughly.
  • Place the maximum bet.

Special Features

Sultan’s Fortune is a classic single line slot that has excellent graphics, imagery, colour schemes, and sound effects. However, if players do not like the sound effects, they can turn them off. Similarly, players can alter the game settings to customize their gaming experience.

The game also has an Autoplay feature, enabling players to set the game to play on its own while they do something else.