Play Tres Amigos Slots Online at Mansion Casino UK

This is a gaming fiesta featuring some zany compadres that are loads of fun and just a little bit loco. Tres Amigos lets you jump right into this colourful and exciting online slot game and have some reel-spinning fun – Mexican style!

Play Tres Amigos Slots Online

Tres Amigos highlights

Tres Amigos is one of our classic single-line slots online games. The beauty of the single-line online casino games is their simplicity. Some people really enjoy taking it easy after the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sitting back to enjoy a classic single-line option gives you the fun of an online casino game without the pressure or fast pace that can come with some of the more advanced designs. With Tres Amigos, it’s just you, your Mexican mariachi friends and a whole lot of spinning reels to keep you entertained!

Speaking of keeping you entertained, things are certainly fun and engaging in this came, and that is no surprise considering what its theme is. There are the typical red hot peppers that will keep your palette burning, but those are just the base line for this pay table. Moving further on, there are musical guitars and bright maracas waiting to be played, and colourful drinks that will keep things refreshing! You’ve also got cactus plants and delicious looking burritos to spin and try and to arrange into winning combinations. And then, of course, there’s the friendly, sombrero-wearing guy!

How to play Tres Amigos

The way to play is by betting either on the single track or the double track. The icons are the same, but the payouts are different. When it comes to the final jackpot, you could be playing for a grand total of 1,200 coins as opposed to 2,500! Get three of any of the symbols to line up on the pay line, and you are a winner. Play a few rounds, and have some fun today!

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