Play 4-Line Jacks or Better Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino UK

Why do people play card games? Because it is a fun way to pass the time with friends, especially video poker online games, develop social skills and learn the joy of success or how to deal with the crushing agony of defeat…Yeah, right! People play to win cold, hard cash! With hundreds of online casino games out there and so many ways to play and rules to follow, how does the average person ever get good enough to ‘beat the system’? First, you find yourself a simple, but lucrative game to play and then you play casually until you get the hang of it. It is probably best to start with something that doesn’t have too many rules to keep track of but will offer you multiple ways to win a round. We’ve got the perfect game for you in 4-Line Jacks or Better from our casino online.

Play 4-Line Jacks or Better Video Poker Online

How to Play 4-Line Jacks or Better Videopoker

In many other types of poker, there are so many rules to keep track of, wild cards to look out for and ways to deal the cards that your head can spin like a slot machine. This incarnation of the age old game is much simpler and easy to master. In 4-Line Jacks or Better, the object is to put together a hand that has at least two face cards or any combo that would beat the same. Your chances of doing this are good enough, but add another three rows and you have just quadrupled your odds of winning some cash on each hand. The flow of this individual player game is easy to follow and fast paced so you aren’t wasting any time waiting for other players to place bets. You just set the denomination on your chips, choose how many to toss in the pot and then deal the cards. From the hand dealt, you can hold cards that you think are going to help you put together a winning hand.

Winning More Money with 4-Line Jacks or Better

If all of this wasn’t already enough to grab your attention, there are still more ways to take home big money. Any time you win on any of the hands you are playing, you are given the option to either double or half-double your winnings. You can do this by selecting the amount you are going for and dealing the cards again. This time, only one of the cards from the first row will be displayed. Once it is, you choose another card from the same row and try to beat the card that was revealed. If you beat it, you win! If you aren’t already an expert card shark at 4-Line Jacks or Better, you will be very soon! Check also other games and games at Mansion Casino!