Play 50 Line Jacks or Better Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino UK

In any casino, poker is always one of the most popular online casino games to play. This may be because most of us have been exposed to poker in one form or another from surprisingly young ages. If you think about old spaghetti westerns, any scene in a saloon featured at least one poker game of some kind going on in the background. Sometimes the game stayed in the background and sometimes it was the vehicle for a good, old fashioned barroom brawl with people flying through windows and bullets zipping past. 50-Line Jacks or Better from Mansion Casino may be just as exciting without all of the flying furniture and broken glass.

Play 50 Line Jacks or Better Video Poker

Playing 50-Line Jacks or Better Videopoker

In this version of the classic game, the idea is to put together a hand that consists of at least a pair of face cards or anything else that would beat the same hand. There are so many ways to win that you would stand a very good chance of cleaning up at even one hand while in 50-Line Jacks or Better your chances are even greater since you are playing so many hands on each turn. One of the other advantages to this game is that it is so easy to learn and master; in no time at all you will feel like a regular card shark. Like most types of video poker online, you start by selecting the amount of your poker chip and then determining how many chips to play. Once you are all set, go ahead and hit the deal button to start the hand. Although you can see all 50 hands, only one is dealt at first. From this initial hand, you select the cards you wish to hold and watch them appear in all of the hands on the board. This means that you have that many more chance to win! If at first, this all seems a bit confusing, you have the option to try the game in practice mode until you are comfortable with the flow of things. Don’t forget that in between rounds, if you have won anything on your hands you have the option to double your winnings by playing a round of ‘beat the card showing’.

50-Line Jacks or Better At Mansion Casino

With dozens of ways to win and the chance to get up to 4,000 times your original bet, this is going to be the most fun you’ve ever had making money. Whether your first exposure to poker was on television, the movies or your dad’s garage, we are sure you are going to love playing 50-Line Jacks or Better at our casino online. Well, cowboy, what are you waiting for? Hit those tables and start rustling up some serious cash!