Play Pai Gow Poker Online at Mansion Casino UK

Play Pai Gow Poker at Mansion Casino UK today and experience a fast-paced, high action game that offers lots of fun and plenty of rewards. Using a regular 52-card deck and winnings based on standard poker hand hierarchy, the aim of Pai Gow poker is to beat the Banker. Available on every day of the year, at any time of day, you can play free games – no deposit needed – or real money games for actual cash payouts – the choice is yours! Real money online video poker games, such as Pai Gow Poker, award cash payouts – but you can also give your bankroll a boost before you start dealing the cards with an exclusive UK online casino Welcome Bonus up to £200 when you open a real money account and make your first deposit.

Play Pai Gow Poker Online

How to play Pai Gow Poker

An exciting seven-card online casino game, Pai Gow Poker is also known as double hand poker in the casino circuit. Originating in China, the version you can enjoy at Mansion Casino UK today is the American style game that has grown popular around the world – and you can now play in the comfort of your own home. Each player receives seven cards, and has to make two hands – one hand must consist of five cards, and the other of two cards. The five-card hand must always be higher in value than the two-card hand. This means that the two-card hand should consist of a high card or pair and your five-card hand should be a straight, flush, or three/four of a kind. If your five-card hand contains a pair, it must higher in value than your two-card hand, otherwise it is known as a Foul. When your two-card combination outranks your five-card hand, you forfeit the game as a result, losing your stake.

How to win Pai Gow Poker

The ranking system use in Pai Gow Poker may seem complicated at first, but invest a little time in getting to grips with the mechanics of how the payouts work and you’ll enjoy a smoother, more fun game. To start, you need to know some of the hand values; for instance, an Ace 2 3 4 5 straight is recognised as the second highest possible straight, with a straight using face cards the highest, and the joker is a wild card. The wild will act as a substitute, and replace any other symbols to complete possible winning combinations and earn you more payouts. When you play Pai Gow online video poker games, if both of your hands rank higher than the banker’s hands, you win the round. If both of your hands rank lower than the banker’s hand, you lose. There is a third scenario – a situation where only one of your hands is higher – and this is known as a ‘push’ or tie.