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Online video poker is a great solution for people who enjoy playing poker but either don’t have anyone to play with or just can’t keep a good poker face. To win real money in this online casino game you’ll need to use some poker skills, such as knowing what the best hand you can get is as well as which cards to hold and which to dump. Unlike poker, you aren’t playing against other players.

Play 4-Line Jacks or Better Video Poker Online

If you've never played 4 line Jacks or Better online video poker at MansionCasino you can start out in Practice Mode and once you’re comfortable you can elevate your game to the Real Money Mode.

How to Play 4 line Jacks or Better Online Video Poker at MansionCasino

The best way to get started is to download the online casino software and enjoy instant access to 4 line Jacks or Better from your computer. The game is also available through our instant casino.

Once you locate the game, decide how many coins you want to bet on each line and once the wager is in, click on the "Deal" button. You will receive five face-up cards and this is where you have to make the big decision. Select which cards you want to hold onto and the other cards will be trashed. The saved cards will appear on all 4 lines, so think about what winning combinations you can receive.

As the name suggests, in order to win any money you’ll need at least a pair of jacks or higher. This could lead to some tough decisions. For example, if you have a pair of 5’s and a K, do you keep the pair hoping for a 3rd 5 or keep the K and hope that you’ll get the second K. The three 5’s will pay better, but you’d have slightly better odds of being dealt a second K.

After every win you’ll have the option to go double or nothing by playing a quick card game. If you win it, you can go either pocket the winnings or risk it all again. The choice is yours.

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