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Getting into Blackjack Surrender online is as easy as falling off a horse, but worlds more entertaining (for you, naturally, not for the bystanders who watched you fall!) It has a crackerjack twist that gamers love. What's the big differentiation between Blackjack Surrender and standard online Blackjack? The key is in the name, actually. Once bets are in and cards are out, you have a one-off opportunity. Instead of just the usual set of options, which include splitting, hitting, folding and doubling, you have a further option to…have you figured it out yet? That’s right, you can give up your hand, hence the name of the game! When you opt for this route, you will forgo half of your initial bet, but as many gamblers will be able to tell you from painful experiences, walking away with half of your bet is a welcome alternative to throwing away the whole lot.

Play Blackjack Surrender Online

Learn Blackjack Surrender

It is always advisable to actually learn how to play Blackjack the original, regardless of the variant you are currently pursuing. This is because all of the spin offs build off of the traditional game. So you really need to have that foundation to start with. Even if you have never sat in on a hand before, you can pick up the principles quickly. There aren't too many Blackjack Surrender rules that you will need to learn, either, and they are even fewer if you took the good advice we gave you and brushed up on the traditional option.

Blackjack Surrender Strategy, Tips & More

Especially during this version, it is imperative to have a plausible Blackjack Surrender strategy to work through your hands with. Otherwise you might find yourself making foolish moves when you could have acted differently. It is all about figuring out when to hold and when to fold, and a good line of attack will help you delineate that line quite clearly for all your possible hands. Of course, having a couple of our handy Blackjack Surrender tips up your sleeve never hurt anyone! You can enjoy some of the best secrets that the nightclubs are trying to hide from you about this game right here.

Need to beef up your game a little? Here you can intimate some if the most common Blackjack Surrender odds, so that when you do partake in a hand, whether it is the first or the fiftieth, you will have a big edge over the probabilities. Even more important than not looking like an idiot betting on a sure fail, though, you will appreciate being able to act through like a champion card handler.

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