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European roulette is the original concept that, literally and figuratively, got the ball rolling! Coming from these immense beginnings, it is no wonder that the game has only gained popularity and acclaim throughout the years. Even with the more involved varieties nowadays, many people still enjoy partaking in this fundamental option. If you are looking to create your own European roulette strategy, take a look at some of the more important features to take note of.

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A Basic European Roulette Rule

This is one of the most useful European roulette rules to know. The En prison rule, also known as la partage or half back rule, will help you keep some of your bet in the event of a pending loss. Here is how it works: On an even money bet (where the house pays back one to one), if the ball lands on zero, the En prison rule says that you only lose half your wager instead of the whole thing. Pretty cool, huh? You can also choose to imprison your bet. This means you don’t lose anything at all on that spin. If the wheel lands on your number in the next spin, you get your whole wager back. You don’t lose the half that you would if you took the results as is from the previous round, but you also don’t win anything on that round. Still a preferred outcome to losing it all straight up.

More About European Roulette En Prison

What happens if the ball once again falls into the zero pocket during this imprison status? This is subject to unique casino rules. Sometimes the casino will rule that it is a straight up loss, no questions asked. Otherwise, it would become so to speak double time imprisoned. The funny thing about this rule is that if this double status-pending wins, then it gets bumped up to single imprison status. If it loses, the bet goes to a straight up loss (unless the casino lets triple imprison, but that’s rare and just a little crazy!)

Alternatively, some casinos will hold the imprison status until the ball falls anywhere except zero. So all subsequent zeros would be ignored, and play would continue until a number was hit (rendering either a win or a loss).

In general, if you were to ask the professionals, most would suggest that you take the half loss and walk away as opposed to playing with the chancy odds you stand to clear even. Use this and other handy European roulette tips that we provide to gain an edge over the house and the wheel.

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