Play Mini Roulette Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Did you wander into a land-based with the fool assumption that you were going to find a mini roulette wheel there? Never fear, now you can get mini roulette online whenever you want it! Well now you know, this variety is only available at the remote access establishments that you will find like the fabulous Mansion Casino South Africa.

Play Mini Roulette Arcade Online

So if you are craving some mini roulette, head over to your computer for some fast fun and wins! Below you can find out what makes this variety stand out from the rest, and there are also the basic mini roulette rules you need to know to get started.

Differences in Mini Roulette

While mini roulette is basically the same as the other games of its kind, there are a few minor variations that you will notice immediately upon loading this style. For one thing, the mini roulette wheel has fewer digits being displayed. The zero through thirteen numbers are present, and these fewer options make for different betting combinations and, of course, altered odds of winning. For example, probably and payouts of a single number wager are thirteen to one instead of the usual thirty seven to one. What’s more, landing on the zero slot will not bankrupt you entirely. You only have to forfeit half of your bet amount. That is similar to the double zero play in American-style. Obviously the combination and positional wagers will also vary because the board is smaller, so take all of these nuances into consideration when you plan and implement your own tactics for the game. Browse through our other pages to find out some of the most useful mini roulette tips to increase your odds and to have even more fun than before!

Playing Mini Roulette

Once you are aware of the differences, you can start to formulate your own amazing mini roulette winning strategy for kicking some casino butt! If you don’t know what you are doing yet, here’s a run-through:

  • Load up the game on your computer by choosing mini roulette from the games’ menu in the left hand navigation menu. See how much smaller it is than an average board?
  • Now place your bets according to the new and alternative betting odds that are present. Not sure about this novel system? Go through a few rounds, and you will get used to it fast, no doubt!
  • Did you put down your chips? Good, no press that button, and watch things spring to action! The spin is half the fun, while the bells and whistles of a winning round are the other ones. So have a blast striking it big on this little slice of gaming fun!

Don’t have the funds to get this game going properly right now? That’s ok by us! Now you can play mini roulette free and have fun without the limitations of a budget hanging over your head precariously! Visit our fine remote access gambling arena now, and find out all the other possibilities that our terrific selection has in store for you today!