Play Classic Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Not everyone loves the intensity associated with multi reel and multi spin options. Some people are more interested in what is traditional. Well, you cannot get any more traditional if you tried with Classic Slots, a great single payline at our great club. It is will liked by many enthusiasts because of how traditional it is, all the way down to the symbols, which include all the popular fruits – oranges, cherries, grapes, and lemons, as well as the single, double, and triple bar icons. Like similar traditional options, there is no wild symbol, scatter symbol, or bonus feature. It is a straightforward version with no real strategy.

Play Classic Slots

The rules for Classic Slots is also very simple – just place your bet and spin the reels! Of course, you will want to always want to best the most possible money you can in order to get the largest payout. If you get three crown symbols, you get the largest possible payout, one hundred coins! Winning combinations are made up of three of the same symbol on the payline. But you also get a small payout if one cherry symbol or two cherry symbols show up as well! Because the paytable is at the top of the screen, you can always check out how much winning combinations are worth and always be in the know.

Leaving your computer for a few minutes but feel like you are on a roll? Set up the Auto Play feature on Classic Slots. It will continue to play at the bet you set it at until you come back to turn off Auto Play. So if you need to head to a meeting, a doctor’s appointment, or you have to make dinner, it can continue to play for you! How great is that?!

Play Classic Slots Now at Mansion Casino South Africa

Looking for a traditional online slots version that harks back to the era of physical coin machines at brick-and-mortar gambling establishments? Then you should definitely stop by our fabulous the best online casino in South Africa and play Classic Slots. With a name like this, you know it has to be traditional and great!

And if you are looking for fun and excitement but at no cost, play free slots games in South Africa. Yes, you read right – completely for free! You do not need to pay to start playing or anything. You are given loads of free coins to play until your heart’s content…or at least until you run out of free coins! (But then you can just reload the platform and start again, how awesome is that?!) At any point, you can switch from your free account to a paid account and put actual money down. When you sign up for a money account, you also get a free welcome bonus! But if you are just learning a new single reel, multi reel, or multi spin, then you can play for free until you understand the rules, the paytable, and any strategies and odds to help you win!