Play Football Fans Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Are you one of the millions of Football Fans out there? Do you enjoy the rush of the crowd as the teams go back and forth across the field from one goal to the next? Are you cheering along, face painted in your team colors? Is there an icy brew spilling over as you jump out of your seat at the sound of the roaring hoorah of a goal or blasting protest of a bad call? If you are a true blue enthusiast of the sport, then this is the machine for you. If you are confused as to the name in regards to the images you are seeing, then you are obviously American. Everywhere else in the world understands that Football Fans is a sport made for soccer buffs, so get with the program USA natives, and then get in gear for some fast and hard fun right here at the only casino South Africa everyone goes to when they want to have a good time!

Play Football Fans Slots Online

Fun Football Fans Extras

Football Fans is a machine with all the trappings of a fine sport’s championship. It has loads of interesting features that you are going to love and a lot of exciting extras that make playing that much more fun! To kick things off right, this version really lets you get into the spirit of things. You can select your team from a drop down menu. When you do, the colors of all the icons will change into your team’s colors! Become a follower of Argentina, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, Spain or The Netherlands. Another feature that differentiates this one from all other slots games is the grab a beer feature. This little extra lets you choose any square at random. When the reels have stopped spinning, take a look at the square you chose. If there is a cold brewsky under that ring, you get three times your winning for that round!

Football Fans Features

Now let’s look at some of the bonus symbols that you want to look out for. The black and white soccer orb is your wild symbol. This icon can fill in for another symbol on the screen. So if you almost have a winning combination, the wild symbol can complete it for you! Five of the wild symbols will award you five thousand times your line wager! The machine’s logo will act as the scatter symbol. Find three of these to activate free rounds in which more bonuses and freebies are handed out in spades! Finally, you can sit back and enjoy the auto play feature. This lets you settle down and give the heavy lifting over to the machine. You just put in your details, and then the machine automatically spins away until it reaches your destination!

Look out for other symbols like the wild air horns, chilled beers and of course the busty brunettes who will be cheering alongside next to you! Football Fans are the kind of casino slots every sports addict loves to play. So get over to Mansion Casino now, and show your true colors in this wild and exciting match!