Play Golden Tour Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Some people are die-hard tennis fans. They’ll go to every match, cheer along with every play and know little fun facts about all the team members. Other guys prefer basketball, but the fanaticism is still the same. Whether it is baseball, football, hockey, or some other sport you follow, a true blue enthusiast will have certain telltale signs no matter what. One of those significant signals is playing the slot games that corresponds to their sport! Well, if golf is your speed, then you are going to want to check out Golden Tour reels, the machine for any real golf aficionado. Play alongside some of the pros, and find out what it means to be a real buff of the sport at last!

Play Golden Tours Slots Online

Playing Golden Tour Online Slots

Golden Tour, as mentioned, is a golf-based machine hosted on the best best online South African casino, Mansion Casino. It is loaded up with lots of symbols and settings to create the right atmosphere. The whole playing screen is set on a lush green course, naturally, and a golfer is up in the corner, putting away all the time. If you have never played one of our machines before, take a minute to learn the rules and information about the reels for better entertainment value. It’s actually quite simple. You select the number of paylines you want to work with. In this machine, it is easier than most because there are only five paylines to worry about. Other ones have twenty or twenty-five typically. So you turn on or off the number of lines you want activated by clicking on the number on the side of the reels. What’s the difference? Well, for one thing, the more lines you have open, the more your overall bet for the round will be. This is because when you choose a bet amount, it is a per line bet. So the more lines you have open, the more the total bet will be. Get it? Here is a quick example: If your line bet is five dollars, and you open all five lines, then your round total bet will be twenty- five dollars. The other difference the number of lines activated makes is in how the winning combinations play out. You see, the more open lines, the more possibilities you have available to you to create winning combos. This is a good thing; a very good thing! Now you just place your bets, and press spin to see if you have what it takes!

Golden Tour Bonus Symbols

Golden Tour has lots of bonus symbols, making it even easier than before to score this exciting extra round. All you need to do is line up three of the bonus symbols, and you are allowed into the bonus rounds. Bonus symbols are any of the following: the whimsical gopher (an actual animal, not a caddy), a duck or a carp fish. Once there, you will have to choose between different kinds of golf clubs, so brush up on your terms fast! Relax, we’re just kidding. Even if you don’t know your putter from your driver, you can still win the big prizes, so don’t sweat it. These are the kind of casino slots that would make Tiger Woods proud!