Play Kong The Eighth Wonder Of The World Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

They say there are some things in this world that only get better with time, and that is certainly the case with fine wines, some rare delicacies and a meaningful experience. But what about the fabulous box office hit that people are going ape over? It’s truly amazing that after decades of constant popularity, the famous giant ape is still able to fascinate, mesmerize and totally captivate audiences far and wide! And now, Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World is stealing the show yet again with these fabulous machines at our best South African online casino! Join the rest of the planet as they enjoy this colossal silver screen classic in the most updated technological features and graphics yet. Guess there is a reason that some characters become the classics!

Play Kong the Eighth Slots Online

Playing Kong The Eighth Wonder Of The World

Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World is a hot twenty-line variety with scatter and wild symbols galore! This video machine is the kind that makes playing super exciting because of the twists in the usual play. There is the standard enjoyment level that you get from other versions. As always, you can place your bets, choose your paths and hope for a win every time you play. One of the greatest things about these slots online is the excitement that is built in through the rich characters and already cherished theme. That’s something that will never change no matter how many times you play!

But here is the best part of Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World. There are two modes that you can play in! Yep, it’s amazing times two! There is the Jungle Mode and the Big City Mode, and both promise to give you a whirlwind of excitement and fun every time! Decide if you want to swing through the jungle, catching coconuts, wrestling snakes and pitting your wits against the wild. Alternatively, you can take your chances in the big, frightening and possibly equally dangerous big city with that mode. Either way, you are going to be hanging on to the edge of your seat the whole time you play these awesome, thrill-filled machines, so get started!

As with all of our top rate options, this video machine has bonuses, scatter symbols and surprises that are just itching to be discovered hidden within the fabric of the very rounds! In the wild and crazy Jungle mode, you want to hunt down those king ape shots because those are your big winner tokens. Three or more will help you get big wins, but five will give you the greatest pay out of all! Get the Skull Island bonus in Big City mode and win loads too!

After Kong The Eighth Wonder Of The World

Believe it or not, Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World is not the only option we have for you. We want you to enjoy yourself to the max at our remote access entertainment lounge, so we are giving you tons of free online slots games to peruse. From crime fighters to the horseracing champion Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven, we have so much for your to explore. So what are you waiting for? Start in on the action now!