Play 10’s or Better Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino South Africa

Online 10’s or Better is a fun variation of video poker based on the classic poker five card stud. It is similar to other video poker options like Jacks or Beyond and Aces and Faces in that not all pairs are paid out. Players need to get a pair of tens or greater with online 10’s or Better. For many video poker enthusiasts online 10’s or Better is a more suitable choice for a round because the inclusion of an extra pair provides higher odds of making a winning hand!

Play 10's or Better Video Poker Online

Play Online 10’s or Better

To begin your round of online 10’s or Better, first you need to place your bet. It is advantageous to hit Bet Max because you will get the largest payout for winning hands. Once you place your bet, you need to click on the “Deal” button. The video poker system will deal out five cards automatically. You can then click on the cards you would like to keep. Any of the cards you do not click on will be discarded and re-dealt in the next part of the hand. If you receive a winning hand, the computer will pay you for your winnings according to the pay table on the screen.

If you do win a hand, you have the opportunity to double your winnings or win an additional half of your winnings. If you are really adventurous, this is a great chance to make even more money. To play, the computer shows five cards face down. The computer selects one card and you select the other. Your card needs to be of a higher rank than the card the computer overturned in order to win. If your card is lower than the card the computer overturns, then you not only lose the opportunity to double your earnings, but you actually lose what you won on the hand you first played. For those who like to live on the wild side, this is a fun extra bonus to play!

Play Online 10’s or Better at Mansion Casino

Once you understand the rules of playing this great poker version, you will then be able to learn all different strategy and tips to help you to become an even better video poker player. An important guideline to remember is that low pairs cannot help you win in this version.

You can play this fun option for free or you can play for real money, whatever you would like. Enjoy playing 10’s or Better, other video poker styles, and a wide selection of popular online casino games at the best online South African casino MansionCasino.

Also note, if you have good cards on the initial deal, the computer will automatically hold them for you. If you are initially dealt a three of a kind, for example, the computer will automatically hold the combination for you and you can choose whether or not you want to hold the other two cards. It makes playing the round a whole lot easier to do because the computer is there to help you win!