Play 2 Ways Royal Video Poker Online at MansionCasino South Africa

For those video poker players looking for a variety with a fun twist, 2 Ways Royal is the perfect option! This video poker shares many similarities to Jacks or Better, the classic video poker but there is one difference – there are two imperial flush options available! Players can go for the classic flush, which is an Ace – King – Queen – Jack – Ten, known as the “Hi Flush.” However, there is also the “Lo Flush,” which is Ace – Two – Three – Four – Five. Both flushes have the same payout amount but other payouts are a bit different to make up for the addition of a hand. In some circles 2 Ways Royal is known as “Acey Deucey” because you have the option to get two types of these flushes, both of them using the ace card.

Play 2 Ways Royal Video Poker Online

All About 2 Ways Royal

2 Way Royal rules are very similar to all other video poker instructions. First you need to choose the amount you would like to bet. It is always best to hit “Max Bet” because you get the largest payout for winning hands. Once you set your bet amount, you will be dealt five cards. Press the “Hold” button under the cards you want to keep. Once you do that, click “Deal” to replace all discarded cards for new ones. If you create a winning hand, the computerized dealer will pay you according to the payout table.

Like all other video poker variaties, there is an option to double your winnings. If you opt for this, first the dealer selects one card and then you select one card from four face down cards. The card you choose needs to be higher than the dealer’s to double your winnings. If your card is lower, then you lose your winnings from the hand. If you are worried about losing all your winnings, you also have the option to only double half your winnings. So even if you lose, you still get to keep half of what you made on a winning hand.

Play 2 Ways Royal at MansionCasino

Come and enjoy the fun option of going after two different regal flush hands. If you are new to video poker or you just want to play for fun, try out the free mode of this entertainment! You can play as much as you want without having to bet any real money! It is also a good option for more experienced players who want to try out new strategies and tips they recently learned to up their play.

There are so many benefits to playing video poker! You play against a computer and not with other people. You can take your time deciding what cards to keep and what cards to trade for new cards. The best benefit though is you can play whenever you want from wherever you want – you just need a computer and an Internet connection to enjoy!

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