Play 25 Line Aces and Faces Video Poker Online at MansionCasino South Africa

If you love the thrill of other card challenges but you are looking for something a bit more exciting and with a lot more possible earning potential, look no further than 25 Line Aces and Faces! This version of the sport is just like the original one in terms of earning power per hand and the odds associated with getting a single hand, but there is one twist – you are actually playing twenty-five hands of poker! Each hand comes from its own deck of cards, so you do not need to worry about cards spreading thin. If you are playing lucky, why not try to multiply that luck so many times?! Get more online casino games!

Play 25 Line Aces and Faces Video Poker Online

All About 25 Line Aces and Faces

You should play 25 Line Aces and Faces just like you would classic variety. You are dealt one initial hand of five cards after placing your bet. You select the cards you want to hold and the cards you want to get rid of. Just like the original version, any pairs under jacks do not count as winning combinations and should be discarded unless a better hand can be created. Note that any cards you hold will show up in the remaining 24 hands. If you get a three of a kind on the initial deal and hold them, you will have at least twenty-five three of a kinds after the hand is over.

While the odds remain the same per hand in this new spin off, there is a second set of odds you should take note of – the odds that a certain winning combination will turn up within that many hands. For instance, if, on the initial deal, you are dealt four spades and a diamond, there are statistics showing how likely it will be that, if you keep the four spades and discard the diamond, one of the hands will give you a flush. The same holds true with other large hands, like straights and full houses. This is definitely something to research as it will make you a better multi line video card player!

Play 25 Line Aces and Faces at MansionCasino

It is essential to have a strong strategy in place when playing 25 Line Aces and Faces. The returns percentage is well over 95 percent if you play the cards right. For instance, do not break up a winning hand unless you believe that you have the opportunity to make a royal flush in one of the hands. Another tip is to always attempt to create winning hands out of ace cards and face cards because you can get larger payouts. Lastly, always play “Max Bet” because if you get a winning hand, maximum bet ensures you get the maximum payout!

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