Play 4 Line Deuces Wild Video Poker Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Sometimes you want a little more challenge, and there is no better way to be challenged than by taking one of our popular video poker games and turning it up a notch! 4 Line Deuces Wild offers just as the name suggests – four hands of cards in which to make winning hands! And each hand is from its own deck of 25 cards, meaning there are 16 deuces floating around for you to use! Is Lady Luck on your side for one hand? What about four hands? It’s all how you play the round and the strategy you use to help you create winning hands with 4 Line Deuces Wild.

Play 4 Line Deuces Wild Video Poker Online

All About 4 Line Deuces Wild

4 Line Deuces Wild is played just like regular card action. You place your bet and you are dealt one hand of five cards. Look over the cards carefully and select which cards you would like to hold. Keep in mind that whatever cards you hold on this initial hand will show up in the other three hands, so always choose wisely. Once you select the cards you wish to hold, you are dealt new cards and the other three hands are flipped over, including the cards that you held. If any of the hands have winning combinations, you will be paid out according to the pay table.

Keep in mind that the odds are a bit different when you have multiple hands involved. There are the odds associated with getting a specific hand and the odds that one of the four hands will have a specific combination. For example, if you are initially dealt four hearts and a club, there is a probability if you hold on to the four hearts, one of the four hands on the second deal will turn up the fifth heart to make a flush. Therefore, it is essential to look up the odds and determine which hands are more plausible to go after.

Play 4 Line Deuces Wild at MansionCasino

Remember to always hold on to pairs when playing 4 Line Deuces Wild. They can be any card you want them to be to help you make those great winning hands. Just do not forget that because of the new ease of getting certain hands that some do not count. For example, a single pair is not considered a winning hand. Do not hold on to a pair and a high card because unless you get three of a kind, it will not matter. But the pairs also help to create a new hand – five of a kind. If you are dealt four of the same cards and a two, you have created this new hand! The payout is nice for this hand as well! Look up more strategies and tips for this version in order to make yourself an expert player!

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