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Online Aces and Faces is a version of video poker that bears similarities to another popular video poker version, Jacks or Better. As the name of most video poker styles do, the label of Aces and Faces refers to the fact that pairs of values and types of cards (kings, queens, jacks) offer up winning hands. The distinction between this one and its counterpart is that four of a kind hands of royalty cards has a higher payout than four of a kind hands made with number cards. And to top that, four of a kind top card hands have the highest payout of all three.

Play Aces and Faces Video Poker Online

All About Online Aces and Faces

True to the name of this video poker variant, you are rewarded more for holding hands containing top value cards and royalty cards over all others. This is really the only video poker version out there where a four of a kind made up of top value cards can beat a straight flush in terms of pay table hierarchy. In fact, you receive almost double the payout for a hand consisting of four of these cards than you do for a straight flush!

The rules of online Aces and Faces are quite similar to that of five-card draw, which the majority of video poker versions are based off of. Players select the amount they want to bet and then are dealt five cards. Of those five cards, players choose the cards to keep (or hold) and the cards to discard. The discarded cards are then replaced with new cards. If the player is holding a winning hand, the computerized dealer will pay out the hand according to the video poker’s payout table.

Unlike Deuces Wild or Joker Poker, there is no wild card in online Aces and Faces. The objective of this video poker game is to get the best possible hand, often consisting of one of the four highest cards. When right, players are rewarded with large payouts. Do not be surprised if you get hooked on this style and find yourself playing for hours and hours!

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The house edge of this version is usually very small. The payout percentage is around 98 or even higher. But keep in mind that this percentage only applies if you play the maximum bet of five coins. It is always beneficial to play the maximum bet as you get the largest payouts for winning hands with it.

Now that you know the basics of online Aces and Faces, before playing your first hand, it is essential to look up the Aces and Faces odds, strategy, and any tips you can find. This will not only make you a much better video poker player, but ensure a successful and very lucrative betting experience.

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