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All American is a really fun card variety that is played between you and the computerized dealer. Using a standard 52-card deck, the objective of this variation of five card stud is to create a strong hand of cards and, of course, get paid! All American is based on a similar style Jacks or Better. The only difference between the two is that the payouts are different for some of the winning combinations. While royal flush, three of a kind, and Jacks or Better have the same standard payout, there is a lower payout for two pairs and full houses, and higher payouts for straight flushes, straights, and flushes.

Play All American Video Poker Online

All About All American

All American is a standard card challenge. Unlike Deuces Wild or Joker Poker, there are no wild cards in the deck. Similar to Jacks or Better, only pairs of jacks or better receive a payout. Numeric pairs of cards do not count toward the payout.

After making your bet, you are dealt five initial cards. You have the option to hold as many cards as you would like, or you can hold none of them. It depends on what you are dealt. Once you decide which cards to hold, the cards are dealt again, providing you with new cards for the cards you decided not to hold. After the second deal, the computerized dealer determines whether or not you are holding a winning hand.

There are many benefits to playing remote access gambling. It is only you versus the computer, so you do not have to play with other people and you have more time to make decisions regarding your hand. Furthermore, with this convenient alternative, you can play when you want and wherever you want. There is no need to travel to a brick-and-mortar casino when you can have one right in front of you at your fingertips. Plus, you can make the choice to play for free or to spend real money. If you are new to these types of betting sports, it is always recommended to start off in free mode so you can understand the rounds and how it works.

Play All American at MansionCasino

It is essential to have the right strategy when playing any type of betting challenge, and this one is no exception. For instance, you should never break up an initial hand that is a paying hand unless you have four cards to the royal flush. The choice is up to you in this situation. If you are not dealt a paying hand on the initial deal, do not be afraid to discard all cards for new cards. You can also opt to hold on to a high card in hopes it will produce fruitful results. It is also essential to research the odds associated with All American to see the probability of getting a certain hand. Because it is similar to Jacks or Better, you can look up those odds as they will be the same.

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