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Jacks or Better multi hand excluded is the classic video poker. In fact, it was the first video poker option created, based off of the popular poker style five card stud. And while it is certainly an exciting option, some people are just looking for a little bit more excitement. That is where Jacks or Better Multi Hand comes into play! Rather than just playing one round, you can play as many rounds as you want to increase the chances of finding winning combinations!

Play Jacks or Better Multi-Hand Video Poker Online

One of the best things about Jacks or Better Multi Hand is that you can choose the amount of rounds you would like to play. While your bet does increase per hand, you can play anywhere from five to one hundred! With every round you play, the possibility of getting a winning combination increases!

All About Jacks or Better Multi Hand

Jacks or Better Multi Hand is played in the same way as the regular one. First you get dealt just one set of cards. Of that set, you can choose which cards you want to hold and which cards to exchange for new cards. Whatever cards you hold in the initial hand will be replicated in the other multiple sets you have. Once you exchange your old cards for new ones, all the sets will be revealed. If you have any winning combinations, you will be paid out accordingly. Remember which pairs will win and which won’t!

The original odds per round remain the same for the more advanced version. The only difference is that there is an additional set of odds – the odds that a winning combo will turn up in the number of sets you have chosen for that round. For example, if you are holding four clubs and a heart, you should keep the clubs in order to possibly make a flush. There is a probability associated with out of how many sets, which ones will receive a fifth club to make the flush. Do not forget to look these up, they are very important in helping you determine which cards to keep and which to discard and what combo to go after.

Play Jacks or Better Multi Hand at MansionCasino

You still need to apply some strategy when playing this spin off. Strategy ensures that you play a good round, every time. While some strategy is different because of the more expansive nature of the version, a lot of the strategies employed are the same used for the classic variety. For example, it is all about knowing the cards you should keep versus the cards you should get rid of. If you are dealt an initial set of nothing but low numbers that do not point in any direction of a winning combo, discard them all for new cards. If you receive a high card, hold onto it because it may be worth something.

Enjoy a rousing version of Jacks or Better Multi Hand or any one of a wide selection of online casino games at African casino online MansionCasino!