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Online Joker Poker is a fun card challenge based on the classic version of five-card stud with its own little twist. In this spin off, as the name suggests, there is a wild card in the mix. The jester acts as the wild card and can be used as any card necessary to create a winning hand. Many players enjoy this style because there is a bit of skill involved and it is very exciting to play.

Play Joker Poker Video Poker Online

To play online Joker Poker is relatively easy, and if you are a beginner, you will have no trouble picking it up. After selecting the amount you would like to bet, you are dealt five cards. You then select the cards you wish to keep. Here is a fun little helpful fact. If the computerized dealer spots an already winning hand, it will automatically hold those cards for you. Once you determine which cards to keep and which to discard, you are given new cards in place of the discarded in hopes of having a winning hand. If you have a winning combination, the computerized dealer will pay you out accordingly. It is as simple as that!

The Wild Card in Online Joker Poker

One of the best parts about online Joker Poker is the inclusion of the wild card. Unlike Deuces Wild, another version of this gambling match where wild cards are used, this actually bumps the number of the cards in the deck up from 52 to 53. (In Deuces Wild, the two cards are wild and because they are already part of the deck, the number of cards stays the same.) Because there is an extra card, it does kind of change the statistics regarding the ability to get certain hands, though.

Keep in mind that because there is a jester card swimming around in the deck, online Joker Poker only pays out for hands containing at least a pair of kings. Any pair below kings does not count as part of the payment. This is because the jester makes it a lot simpler for players to create better, stronger winning hands. If this version utilized the pay table for Jacks or Better, for example, players would be at a large advantage, severely handicapping the house edge.

The addition of the jester card transforms this match from a standard variation of five-card stud into a thrilling ride where anything is possible because you never know when you will get the wild card.

Play Online Joker Poker at MansionCasino

Who does not enjoy a challenge of an exciting betting match?! If you know the Joker Poker odds, as well as the proper strategy and, of course, the rules, and you have a few solid tips under your belt, you can be a great player. All these things will help you make the best possible winning hands out of your cards and win lots of money. You can play for free or play for actual money, whatever you would like.

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