Play Bermuda Triangle Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Do you think you have what it takes to solve one of the oldest, most intriguing, and scariest maritime mysteries out there? Maybe you do, and maybe you don’t. But most likely you do have what it takes to play one of the most popular multi reel slots games out there – Bermuda Triangle!

Play Bermuda Triangle Slots Online

This three reel, five pay line multi reel is the perfect option for those who want something more than traditional but not yet ready to move up to 25 pay lines. It gets you comfortable with how multi reels work. And with the use of fun sounds and great graphics, it makes the multi reel even more exciting. Keep an eye out on the pay table, so you can find out how the dolphins, sharks, octopi, airplanes, and ships can work for you and pay out a lot of money!

Don’t Get Lost in the Bermuda Triangle

If you are looking for a traditional, no frills option, Bermuda Triangle is the perfect choice for you! The first thing you need to do is select the pay lines. Play all the pay lines. It ups the chances of getting winning combinations plus it means the largest payouts for winning combinations! Just hit “Max Bet.” Once you are done setting your bet, press “Spin” and watch the reels do their magic. If any winning combinations show up, the computer will show you and pay out accordingly!

The one symbol to keep track of is the sailboat. If you notice from the pay table on the screen, the pay line where the three sailboats show up on the reels determines the payout. You can also mix up the sea animal symbols to form winning combinations, as well as the plane and boat symbols. All together there are eleven winning combinations. And with five pay lines available, it is a lot easier to get those combinations!

Play Bermuda Triangle at Mansion Casino

Even if you are a total landlubber, afraid of what hides below the ocean’s surface, you can definitely appreciate the joy of winning that Bermuda Triangle provides! It is one of the many slots online you can find at our arena, the best of the best when it comes to an online casino in South Africa. If you are a fan of the coin operated machines found at Las Vegas brick-and-mortar gambling establishments, then you will love the collection of classic slots, multi reels, and multi spins found here. There is everything from traditional to video-based.

And best of all, if you want to, you can play 100 percent for free! Switch on the free mode and play with fake coins. It is perfect if you are learning a new version or not yet ready to risk what is stashed away in your wallet. Once you feel more comfortable, you can easily switch to the real money mode with no risk. So if you are just playing for fun on your lunch hour, do not use real money. But when you are ready to make bank, we will set you up with a free sign in bonus just for entering! Can’t beat that! Sign up today!