Play Cinerama Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

It’s lights, camera, and action when you play Cinerama, a fast and fun online multi reel video machine brought to you by the amazing people at Mansion Casino, the best online casino South Africa. This great video machine transports you right to the heart of Hollywood and puts you right in the director’s chair and you look to make big decisions to increase your fortune. The movie business is such a gamble anyway, why not transport the theme to a fun video machine! You may not get your name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame but you could walk away with loads of cash in your pockets!

Play Cinerama Slots Online

Fun Features with Cinerama

This five reel, five payline multi reel video machine plays like all others of this variety. You place your bet, select the number of paylines, and spin the reels. But what makes Cinerama really exciting are all the fun features offered, including two, count them two, bonus features!

But before we get to the bonus rounds, let’s talk about wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbol is the movie camera. It subs in for all symbols but the scatter symbols and bonus symbols.

The first scatter symbol is the headphones symbol. If you get this symbol on the first reel, you activate the first bonus feature! In this board you are given a list of four movies. You have to choose the one you think will be the top box office winner on opening weekend. Your prize is based on what movie you choose. What movie do you think will be the best?

The second scatter symbol is the director symbol. You need three director symbols across any active payline to open up this bonus feature. For this bonus round, you are asked to select one actor out of ten possibilities. Each actor is starring in his or her own movie. Your objective is to choose the actor whose movie will make the most money. The closer to the top prize you get, the larger your prize is for this bonus round. Be sure to choose carefully!

Cinerama Progressive Jackpot

Much like other slots games like Safecracker and Wanted Dead or Alive, Cinerama offers the ability to play for an amazing progressive jackpot bonus. It is one of the biggest attractions to this video machine. To be eligible for the progressive jackpot, you need to first play with a real money account (sorry, you cannot play this casino slots free and go for the progressive jackpot), and you need to always use “Max Bet.” Every time you make a bet, a percentage of that bet goes to the progressive jackpot, making it bigger and bigger anytime players anywhere are playing. To win the jackpot, you need get five movie camera symbols across an active payline. If you win the progressive jackpot, it resets itself back to the minimum starting point and continues to build and build until the next lucky person wins it. Sometimes these jackpots can get insanely huge! What are you waiting for? Try playing for it today!