Play Everybody’s Jackpot Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Remember those softball, tee-ball, soccer, and whatever other sport you played when you were really young, where at the end, each kid got a trophy because every single player was a winner? Wouldn’t it be nice if, as you got older, things weren’t so dog-eat-dog, and sometimes, instead of one person winning, everyone won? Sounds like a fantasy but it can actually happen when you play Everybody’s Jackpot at Mansion Casino!

Play Everybody’s Jackpot Online

Enjoy Everybody’s Jackpot

This three reel, 8 payline video machine offers up a unique variety show-like atmosphere with scatter symbols, free spins, and a multiplayer, randomly triggered, progressive windfall! If one person wins, you all win! Now that’s the kind of video machine anyone can get into!

Like many other multi line video machines, this one comes with wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbol is “Wild Symbol,” meaning you really cannot miss it! It only appears when you have free spins, and only on the very center block. When you get it, it can stand in for all other symbols on the board to get you winning combinations. The scatter symbol is the logo for the video machine. You can get a really amazing payout if you get a minimum of two symbols! The more of these symbols, the higher the payout!

If you get three symbols, you trigger the free spins feature! You get the payout associated with that number of scatter symbols as well as 12 free spins! The best part about the free spins option is that it can be triggered while you are playing on your free spins. This means you can play with free spins indefinitely! If you are on your last free spin and you trigger 12 more, great for you! Less money you spend and more money you make! That’s the way to play!

Play the Progressive Jackpot at Everybody’s Jackpot

One of the best parts about Everybody’s Jackpot is the progressive bonanza it offers all players playing with a real money account at Mansion Casino South Africa. Akin to other slots games, like Cinerama, Safecracker, and Wall Street Fever, this casino slots video machine offers the ability to win an even larger prize, a progressive prize worth thousands and thousands of coins! How does it work, you ask? Well, it is quite simple actually! Every time you make a bet, a percentage of your bet goes to the progressive holdings. To qualify for obtaining this insanely huge prize, you need to always bet the Max Bet! Once it is obtained, it goes back to its original amount and starts climbing up and up and up again! But, one thing that makes the progressive prize at Everybody’s Jackpot different is that every single player can win! While with a regular progressive prize, you do not want more people playing because you want to win, here you want more people playing!! Why? Here’s why. If someone lands the progressive prize, they get around 70 percent of winnings and everyone else who is actively playing at the time it is triggered also wins a little something-something! So do not stop playing!!