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Have you ever read Alice through the Looking Glass? Well, at least, have you heard of the Johnny Depp rendition of the unusual classic piece of literature? In case you haven’t, here is the rundown. This story is all about a girl who falls down a rabbit hole and discovers a topsy-turvy world with magical and mysterious happenings around every turn. The book is replete with delightful, disturbing and downright strange characters like the Mad Hatter, the crazy queen and the Caterpillar who seems to be under some sort of influence, though no mention is ever made of what! Well, now all of these childhood favorites have come to life and are actively running around our slot games in a Forest of Wonders! It’s a whimsical rendition with brightly colored characters and features that will really excite the adult part of your brain as well. So if you are ready for a stroll down memory lane, or if you just want to rake in some big cash prizes, then check out Forest of Wonders from our fabulous remote access gambling arena now!

Play Forest of Wonders Slots Online

Forest of Wonders Characters

The entire playing screen is set in front of a magical and beautiful tree-filled setting with sunrays shining over it and woodland flora and fauna crowding around the screen. It is an artistic masterpiece from Playtech, done precisely down to the last detail, and it sets the tone for awe and surprise. Winning symbols include the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, the Caterpillar and the Mad Hatter at his own crazy tea party. The royal suit is not your standard deck of cards either. The queen may scream “Off with her head” at any point, so watch out! Meanwhile, the King, Ace, Jack and ten are characters of their own for you to enjoy.

The White Rabbit, a large, talking, walking hare who doesn’t seem to have time for anything, and Alice’s only link to anything sane (really??) is your scatter symbol. You’ll need at least three of these icons to get loads of complimentary prizes such as gratis spins and extra cash! Want to enter the bonus round? Just line up three mushrooms and you have your backstage pass! Three, four or five mushrooms will gain you entrance to the extra level, and the more you score, the more you get, so keep those fungi coming!

Forest of Wonders – Progressive Jackpot

Forest of Wonders has five reels and twenty-five paylines. It is what we call a progressive jackpot. This means that the jackpot grows with each round that is played. That is because a percentage of the bets get put into a big kitty, and then a lucky player will win this whole huge sum! The giant jackpot is something that makes these machines even more exciting than our free online slots, so you can have fun with both varieties! Be sure to participate in the entire gamut of our machines. We have the best selection any casino South Africa has to offer, so get ready for some awesome fun and exciting adventures ahead!