Play Fortune Hill Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Fortune Hill is as captivating a gamble as you could ever hope to find. The setting, the design, the features and, of course, the payouts are all a combination package for guaranteed fun and entertainment. If you like gambling, stories and a little bit of hocus pocus, then you’re going to love this next slots machine. Check it out!

Play Fortune Hill Slots Online

History of Fortune Hill

The historical background of this slots machine is actually a compilation of many fairytale elements and fabled characters. The screen is covered from one end to the next in magical allure and enchanting ideas. As one of the newest slots machines available to the gambling community, Fortune Hill doesn’t have a long backstory. Maybe after a few rounds of playing, you can make some history of your own!

Fortune Hill Rules

Fortune Hill in Mansion Casino South Africa is a bewitching a tale as you will ever see. Take a look at the screen, and you’ll instantly be drawn in by the delightful setting. There is a clear blue sky, soft green grass and quaint tree houses that could only be found in a fairytale. The reels are set along a spinning contraption, and you have to cross a charming wooden bridge to start the game. place your bet on the line bet area, and spin away. Characters include a wizard, a beautiful fairy, an evil troll and an unlikely hero to round off the group nicely. You can choose how many lines you want to play with by clicking on the plus or minus rocks in that area. You can also use the auto play, turbo mode and bet max features to maximize your playing time. These features take the wait out of the rounds, leaving just the fun and the magic of it all.

Fortune Hill Tips

  • The best place for you to go trolling for money is near the pay chart. This will explain all the bonus features, so hang out there to know what symbols you want to hit up.
  • There are a lot of specialty features in this game, so get to know them, and use them as often as you can. There is a Fairy Feature, Magic Mushrooms Bonus, Rainbow Free Games, Money Bag feature and Fortune Wheel surprise. Play often, and keep your fingers crossed for good luck!

Fortune Hill Odds

A fair rule of probability when it comes to Fortune Hill is that the more often you play, the more often you will win! Also, the higher your wager amount, the greater your payout will be since the prizes increase exponentially with every increase of your bet amount.