Play Gold Rally Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Gold Rally is a tricky version that has thrown many good players for a loop. You see, it is somewhat deceptive in its appearance. There are three reels, so the basis seems fairly simple, pretty fundamental. But that is where you would be wrong! This version is not like other online slots of the three-reel variety because the brilliant minds at Playtech threw in a few additional features. While there are only three spinning reels, there are actually eight paylines because you can create combinations vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. This changes everything, and so does some of the more interesting features that Gold Rally sports. Let’s take a look!

Play Gold Rally Slots Online

Gold Rally Symbols & Bonuses

While Gold Rally certainly has its surprises, this variant isn’t totally without its predictability. After all, there are your typical icons such as dynamite, scales, bags of coins, pick axes, wheel carts, and guns; all the things you would expect from a mining expedition in search of buried nuggets. But then there are the randoms that keep you on your toes the entire time, like the scatter and wild symbols or the bonus rounds that award you with some hefty prizes.

The glistening scales are the scatter symbols in Gold Rally. Five to nine of these icons are needed to win the big money. Five will actually multiply your wager by five times the amount, and it keeps going up (six is by ten, seven is by fifty, eight is by two hundred!) They can appear anywhere on the screen, you don’t have to order them in any specific rows or positions. Line up enough of these scales across the board, and you’ll win the progressive jackpot. This kitty is usually a humongous sum, so keep your fingers crossed for this one! What do scales have to do with a mining expedition? Well, how else are you going to weigh out all those chunks of glowing goodness?! Want to get in on the bonus rounds? We’ll tell you how! Just blow up the screen for some dynamic action! That’s right, scoring the dynamite symbol in all four corners of the board will trigger the bonus round.

Gold Rally- A Progressive Jackpot

Have you ever played progressive options at our casino in South Africa before? If not, then you should hold onto your hat because this is going to blow your mind! Progressive versions feature a growing jackpot that doesn’t stop until somebody empties it into their bank account! The way it works is a small piece of every wager goes into the jackpot. So even when you aren’t playing, somebody is, and that means the jackpot is always climbing higher! Eventually, a lucky member hits the right combination, and bam! All that accumulation is his or hers to keep! It’s possibly one of the most exciting features we host at our fabulous gambling arena, so you should try it out now!

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