Play Greatest Odyssey Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Do you like underwater exploration or maybe you like being a landlubber instead? Whatever you choose, you should also choose to play Greatest Odyssey, a five reel, 25 payline cyberspace-residing coin machine that takes you all the way down to the depths of the ocean with sea-themed symbols, including treasure books, submarine divers, and octopi.

Play Greatest Odyssey Slots Online

Spin the Greatest Odyssey Reels to Win

While you do not need to place a bet on all 25 paylines, it is always beneficial to do so. Yes, it means your bets will be significantly smaller, but it also means fewer opportunities to create winning combinations. And won’t you just kick yourself if there is a winning combination on a payline you did not bet on! More paylines equals more winning combination opportunities. Remember that and you will be golden!

Greatest Odyssey offers up some amazing opportunities to win for all those wishing to play! An octopus symbol is actually the wild symbol for the round. You get an octopus and it can turn into whatever symbol you need if it means you will have a winning line.

But be careful because the octopus cannot substitute for scatter and bonus symbols, which Greatest Odyssey has both of! The scatter symbol, which is the book, when it shows up three or more times on the board (and it does not matter where they are), you receive ten free spins plus a multiplier between two and 25. Nice, right? But that is not all. The bonus symbol (and doesn’t that sound nice – “bonus symbol”) is the girl with purple hair. If she shows up three or more times across an activated payline, you get to go to the bonus round. And with the bonus round, you always win something! You are taken to an underwater laboratory and you select three items. Each of those items has its own prize! Yea for winning!

The Dollar Ball Feature at Greatest Odyssey

One of the best things about Greatest Odyssey is the dollar ball progressive jackpot. What is this you ask? It is an amazing feature that can win you even more money! All you have to do is click the dollar ball icon and make a bet for, you guessed it, one dollar. You then need to select five numbers, if your five numbers and the computer’s five numbers match, ta-da, you win the jackpot! If not, your dollar goes to grow the dollar ball progressive jackpot even more! But do not worry, if you match up four numbers, you still win a consolation prize – one percent of the progressive jackpot. There are even small prizes if you match one to three numbers as well. But you got to play it to win it!

Who says slots games aren’t fun?! They are completely a hobby of chance but you can look up different strategies that can help you out a bit more in terms of betting and the odds of getting certain winning combinations. There are numerous online slots available at Mansion Casino in South Africa! Choose from one of many or play different ones and see where you turn up a winner!