Play La Chatte Rouge Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Willkommen, bienvenue, and welcome to the cabaret! A place where you leave your inhibitions at the door to the performance venue and enjoy a little song, dance, comedy, drama, and lots of music, the cabaret is where everyone wants to visit! Well, a cabaret venue may not be anywhere near you, but you can still enjoy the ambiance and atmosphere while playing La Chatte Rouge, a five reel, 25 payline multi reel video machine just waiting just for you. With bright colors, thematic symbols, and fun colors, make some money here, and then take yourself out to a real cabaret night!

Play La Chatte Rouge Slots Online

La Chatte Rouge Features

Aside from multiple paylines, La Chatte Rouge offers a wide variety of fun features to make the video machine more interesting and provide you with additional opportunities to win great things like cash, multipliers, and gratis spins!

The wild symbol is the colorful mask. The mask can instantly become any symbol you need to create a winning combination. The only symbol it will not substitute is the scatter symbol and the bonus symbol. The mask also has the largest payout. If you get five masks along an active payline, you win 10,000 coins!

The dancer symbol is the scatter symbol. Get at least three dancers anywhere on the reels and you get a multiplier against your initial bet. For three symbols, it is a 5x multiplier, four symbols gets you a 50x multiplier, and five symbols gets you a whopping 500x multiplier!

Lastly, like many other multi reels, La Chatte Rouge offers a fun bonus feature. To get to enjoy the bonus opportunity, need to get three hats along the second, third, and fourth reels (one hat per reel). Once activated you are asked to select a color, either black or white. Then a magician takes the stage and starts pulling rabbits out of his hat. Your main hope that the majority of the rabbits are the color you selected. The higher the number of matching rabbits, the higher the number on the multiplier you will receive. You can receive up to a 500x multiplier!

La Chatte Rouge and Other Online Slot Games at Mansion Casino

La Chatte Rouge is not the only video machine available at Mansion Casino. This casino South Africa offers loads of slots games, from classic ones to some of the more popular ones. And the best part is that a majority of the video machines can be played gratis. You do not need to spend any actual money if you want. Casino slots free offer the opportunity to play video machines using fake money. And with no limits, you can play for fun as long as you would like. Get used to a new video machine, find out if one is lucky, or learn any necessary strategy to make the most winning combinations – whatever the reason is, you can play gratis. Once you are ready to gamble with actual cash, just switch on over to a real money account. Sign up now and receive a really amazing welcome bonus!