Play Little Britain Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Possibly one of the most entertaining free slot casino games that we feature, Little Britain has a host of characters, quirks and novelties that keep this version amusing, and that’s before you even get into the cash winnings! Little Britain is a multi-line video option, so the fun keeps going as long as you can! Play is simple; all you need to do is place a few bets and spin the reels to get things going. You can opt in for as many pay lines as you like, and the wagers have a wide range, so do what feels comfortable to you. Get started right away and see what all the fuss is about!

Play Little Britain Online

Play Little Britain Slots Online

Little Britain is a fairly straightforward version with a lot of zany characters to love. The bonus rounds are what you want to know about. Reels two, four, five and ten are all open to receiving the wild symbols that give you gratis spins and rounds to play again! Bonus round symbols include Vicky Pollard, Lou, Andy, Marjorie Dawes, Dafydd and Emily Howard. If you aren’t familiar with these characters, get to know them fast. Not only will they make you huge amounts of money in this bonus round, they are a real riot to watch! Line up three of these hilarious characters in any of the following rows for the bonus round of your life: one, three and five. Different characters activate different bonus rounds. Vicky Pollard, for example, needs help to sort out her major life choices! The yes decision will allow for more bonus action, so hope for a positive response! The Lou and Andy round also has its excitement, with three strikes and your out value, so choose carefully! The Dafydd bonus level needs your help completed outfits. Every time you succeed, your earnings increase. The more you play, the more you win, so keep up the good work fashionistas!

Auto Spin is another option that players seem to enjoy. There is something absolutely delightful about being able to set up your computer to go and make money for you without you even being around! It’s like playing the stocks but less risky and much more fun and profitable! The way the auto spin feature works is you set it for the number of rounds you want the machine to spin off. Then you press spin, and let the computer do the work for you. It automatically places your pre-set betting amount for each round; it makes the reels spin off as well. And it lets you collect the earnings automatically without lifting a finger! That’s good business if you ask us!

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